Pulsed Laser

The new E-MOPA laser series is based on a diode-pumped passively Q-switched Nd: YAG laser (master oscillator) which is combined by a diode-pumped optical amplifier (power amplifier). By this MOPA technique higher pulse energies and average powers can be achieved constantly and optically stable compared to non-amplified systems. Integrated frequency multiplication and sum-frequency conversion allow to roll down the wavelength to 532, 355 or 266 nm by using high purity nonlinear crystals.

Various models with pulse energies up to 200 ÁJ and average powers up to 200 mW are available. The pulse frequency is externally or internally triggered from single shot up to 1 kHz. High peak powers of up to 200 kW are reached in the range of 1ns pulse length due to the microchip design. The lasers are compact, robust and easy to integrate into instrumentations and metrology equipment. Typical areas of application for eMOPA lasers are micromachining, marking of ophthalmic glasses and polymers, bio-photonics and life sciences.

eMOPA Laser Systems

emopa lasersystem

Key Features:

  • very short pulses
  • external triggering
  • single pulse operation
  • excellent beam quality
  • high pulse-to-pulse stability
  • good output energy stability

High Pulse Energy at 1kHz

  • Diode pumped passively Q-switched solid state laser at 266nm
    eMOPA 266-40pdf
  • Diode pumped passively Q-switched solid state laser at 355nm
    eMOPA 355-100 pdf
  • Diode pumped passively Q-switched solid state laser at 532nm
    eMOPA 532-200 pdf