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Specify your desired parameters and we will find the right laser for your needs. Simple, clear, precise. You can’t find your requirements in our portfolio? Contact us. We will be glad to advise you on a perfectly matched, individual and custom-fit solution for your application.

High-quality DUV to IR lasers by CryLaS

Frequency-converted diode-pumped solid-state lasers – ideally suited to your needs.

UV continuous wave laser of highest power

The DPSSL CW Deep UV FQCW series is equipped with a resonant frequency conversion stage that emits a fixed wavelength of 266 nm. The sealed aluminum housing allows operation in a wide range of environmental conditions. The heat dissipation of the laser head is done by conduction cooling. Eight different power levels in three product lines are available for every possible deep UV application: from 10 mW to 1 W power at 266 nm.

Compact, passively Q-switched pulsed lasers

CryLaS’ pulsed laser sources are based on diode-pumped, passively Q-switched solid-state microchip technology. Depending on application needs, three different product lines with five discrete wavelengths are available for easy integration. All laser sources are supplied with control unit, power supply and software.

High-Power Series
High-Power Series

High peak power and closed loop power stabilization in a compact design.


Continuous operation with minimal footprint.


Master Oscillator Power Amplifier – increased power through optical amplification.


The compact and efficient “eco” MOPA.

UV lasers by CryLaS: Top quality – Made in Germany

Convince yourself of our product and service quality!

Cost-saving and reliable plug & play laser sources

Low service requirement and easy handling.

Certified quality

Through our consistent quality management, we have been ISO 9001:2015 certified for 15 years.

Fast sales and distribution channels

Reliable, fast and close contact to our sales team – also internationally via our sales office and our distributors.


The polyvalence of CryLaS laser systems, makes them useful for a wide range of applications. In addition to scientific research, the lasers are reliably used in a wide range of OEM applications in industrial environments, medicine, biochemistry, the semiconductor industry, ophthalmology and materials processing. Our high-quality, compact, stable lasers have outstanding long-term stability, making them ideal for continuous operation in high-volume applications.

We will find the right solution.

Let our photonics expert sales team advise you about solutions to your requirements.

All of our departments are staffed by experts in their fields. We will be glad to advise you on your application, inform you about our products and take all important variables into account to find the best possible solution.


Silver Investment Partners acquires CryLaS

March 10th, 2021|

Silver Investment Partners (SIP) is acquiring a majority stake in Crystal Laser Systems GmbH (CryLaS), a global manufacturer of deep-UV lasers used primarily in the semiconductor, biotechnology and analytical industries. The lasers feature a short wavelength, precise beam parameters and a long lifetime, making them ideal for high-tech applications.

Tradition for almost 20 years

We, CryLaS GmbH, are a company with history and almost 20 years of experience in the industry. Our journey began in 2004 when CryLaS GmbH was spun off from Crystal GmbH to become an independent company. Since then, we have earned the status as an accomplished specialist in CW single frequency lasers as well as passive Q-switched solid state lasers. With the support of our majority shareholder Silver Investment Partners, we were able to acquire Canlas Laser Processing GmbH in 2022. Our future is directed towards the research, development and production of mainly UV and DUV lasers in pulsed and continuous wave operation.

We are proud to say that we have been certified ISO 9001:2000 for our quality management, which can be seen in the high quality of our products.

Since 2014, we are present in the USA via our CryLaS Inc. sales office. Through our 11 distribution partners in a total of 10 different countries, we are able to supply our customers worldwide and offer our products internationally.

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