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CryLaS settles management succession:

Christian Riedel joined Crystal Laser Systems GmbH (CryLaS) in mid-April and took over as CEO on May 1. As planned, Dr. Helmut Spanner is leaving the management team of CryLaS at his own request but will remain associated with the company in retirement as an advisory board member and minority shareholder. Andreas Wenzel, who is also a long-standing member of the management board, will remain with the management team and will continue to be responsible for Finance, HR and IT.

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Silver Investment Partners acquires CryLaS

Silver Investment Partners (SIP) is acquiring a majority stake in Crystal Laser Systems GmbH (CryLaS), a global manufacturer of deep-UV lasers used primarily in the semiconductor, biotechnology and analytical industries. The lasers feature a short wavelength, precise beam parameters and a long lifetime, making them ideal for high-tech applications.

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