Main applications:

  • Raman spectroscopy
  • Lithography

  • Scatterometry

Product family advantages:

  • User friendly plug & play systems

  • Automatic crystal shifter for maximum service life

  • Rugged design & air-sealed housing

  • Real cw with excellent beam properties

  • Closed-loop operation to control and adjust output power

  • Low noise

  • Single-frequency operation

  • Low maintenance requirements

  • Long coherence length

Technical data:

DUV continous wave lasers with auomatic crystal shifter

The FQCW266 series DPSS-CW D UV lasers provide up to 1 W at 266 nm in single-mode operation. Compared to other CW lasers at 266 nm, the FQCW266 systems feature a long coherence length of more than 1000 m, a narrow linewidth (<300 kHz), and last but not least, low power consumption of less than 200 W (100 W on average). The central wavelength can vary between 266.020 nm and 266.070 nm in air. The wavelength is optimized to the gain maximum of the laser medium. In general, the absolute wavelength is set to 266.050 nm +/- 0.003 nm (air). For all models it is possible to operate the laser with 10 % to 110 % of the nominal output power (i.e. 1 mW …11 mW in 0.1 mW steps). The control is performed via software. The sealed housing makes the laser comparatively maintenance-free and especially suitable for industrial 24/7 operation.

The FQCW266 features a resonant frequency conversion stage that emits a fixed wavelength of 266 nm using a dedicated pump source. The laser head is sealed in an aluminum housing that allows operation in a wide range of environmental conditions. Heat dissipation from the laser head is achieved by air cooling – no further equipment (chiller, fan, etc.) is required.

The FQCW-266 plug-and-play laser is supplied with a control unit that allows either push-button control or remote control via a serial interface (RS232 and USB). The lasers provide excellent beam properties with M² <1,3, beam divergence <0,8 mrad (full angle), low noise below 0,5 %rms (100 kHz-10 MHz) and outstanding power stability (<1 % in 8 h). The FQCW266 is a compact solid-state laser in a housing engineered for completely hands-free operation.

The applications for the FQCW266 series are highly dependent on the laser power. While models with 10 mW, 25 mW and 50 mW (FQCW26610, FQCW266-25, FQCW266-10-C, FQCW266-25-C, FQCW266-50) are used for research very often, the high power units are mainly used in industrial environments in 24/7 applications. Laser sources with 300 mW, 500 mW and 1 W require CDA (clean dry air)-equipment,for precise operation. Apart from that, the lasers neither need purging (with argon or nitrogen), nor water cooling. Starting from the power of 50 mW, an ACS (Automatic Crystal Shifter) is built into the lasers, which enables the use of the conversion crystals on more than one spot. This is a sustainable solution to increase the lifetime of UV lasers. The lasers require very little maintenance as well.

Unique features of the FQCW266 laser family:

  • No water cooling required, conduction cooling and air cooling for higher power versions
  • Small linewidth <300 kHz
  • Coherence length >1000 m
  • Output power adjustable from 10% to 110% of nominal output power. This means i.e. 20 mW – 220 mW for FQCW266-200
  • Warm-up time <30 min
  • FQCW266 is a compact solid state laser in a single housing
  • Integrated automatic crystal shifter (ACS)
  • 24/7 application approved by OEM customers in the semiconductor industry
  • Low operating costs

More continuous wave lasers at the same wavelength



  • Power: 10 mW
  • Linewidth: < 300 kHz
  • Coherence length: > 1000 m
  • Beam quaility M2: < 1.3
  • Fundamental mode: TEM00


  • Power: 25 mW
  • Linewidth: < 300 kHz
  • Coherence length: > 1000 m
  • Beam quaility M2: < 1.3
  • Fundamental mode: TEM00


  • Power: 50 mW
  • Linewidth: < 300 kHz
  • Coherence length: > 1000 m
  • Beam quaility M2: < 1.3
  • Fundamental mode: TEM00


  • Power: 100 mW
  • Linewidth: < 300 kHz
  • Coherence length: > 1000 m
  • Beam quaility M2: < 1.3
  • Fundamental mode: TEM00